Best Bathroom Faucet Brands

Best bathroom faucet brands: a review of the top-rated bathroom faucets brands

When building a new home or renovating your old home, there exist a wide range of options of bathroom faucets to choose from. The sheer large number of faucets may overwhelm you. We have at the sower expert taken time to review specific brands with an aim of assisting you to come up with the best faucets for your bathroom. The brands selected include those offering different sets, designs and materials for their faucets. The list enumerated below was developed from analysis of materials, cost, customer reviews and we do hereby offer you the list of the best bathroom faucets as detailed by our bathroom faucets review.

Top Bathroom faucet brands

  1. Delta bathroom faucets

Delta is a well-known company and is one of the most respected brands in the bathroom faucets industry. They have perfected the art of manufacturing faucets from their own technologies. For a faucet to qualify for the market a rigorous test is used to turn in off and on for over 500,000 times to ensure the faucet never leaks in years. A hundred test are undertaken also by hand to ensure the faucet is of high quality. Limited lifetime warranty is further added to each product.

The delta faucets have exclusive features such as;

  • Touch20 Technology: The delta touch technology allows you to turn the faucet on and off on a single touch.
  • Diamond Valve: To ensure a leak proof life, the faucet interiors are line with diamond sealing to increase their strength. This ensures the faucet’s endurance for a lifetime.
  • Magna Tite Docking System: magnetization of the parts ensures that when a wand is pulled up or down, the faucet spray ward docks tightly in their position on the instant they are docked.
  • Efficient use of water
  • Multiflow

An example of one of their most highly rated bathroom faucet is the delta Lahara two handle centerset lavatory faucet. You can purchase delta bathroom faucets on your trusted retailer amazon for the best deals, offers and discounts.

  1. Moen bathroom faucets

Moen is a remarkable brand that has dedicated its best brains into creating sink faucets, bathtub faucets, shower faucets and bathroom faucets styles that are out of this world. The firm’s faucets place a delicate balance on water pressure while offering spectacular designs. All Moen faucets bear limited lifetime warranty against leaks, finish defects or even drips.

The exclusive Moen faucets features include;

  • Motion sense: this is a Moen developed touch technology. A user of the faucets is able to turn the faucet on or off instantly by touch.
  • Reflex: the reflex allows you to pull out or pull down the faucet via an easy retraction, maneuverability and docking system.
  • Spot resist: the unique technology ensures that the faucet does not attract water spots and fingerprints of any sort making sure the faucet remains clean and appears better.
  • Microban: The Microban technology is tailor-made to ensure you have a round the clock bacterial protection. The faucet surfaces are therefore proof of bacteria.
  • WaterSense: efficiency in water usage is key to any quality faucet. The Moen faucets produce less water per second as compared to other faucets. Precision flow has been built in the faucets with a uniquely optimized aerator embedded.
  • Pause buttons: a pause button has been inculcated to allow you to pause water flow when needed especially during cleaning.
  • M-Pact System: as a new technology m-pact system allows you to use the faucet interchangeably without additional plumbing. The valve technology adopted allows you more flexibility in the usage of the faucet.

Due to these characteristics, the Moen is considered as one of the best faucet brands dominating the market. Examples of the faucets are the Moen 7594SRS classified under Moen Arbor Line.

  1. Kohler bathroom faucets

Kohler is a reputed firm that specializes in manufacturing bathroom faucets, power accessories, kitchen fittings and much more. They have been in the business since 1911 and have therefore perfected the technologies on creating quality faucets. The basic advantage of choosing Kohler products is the wide varieties in the market and unlimited price ranges.

Kohler bathroom faucets exclusive features include;

  • Ceramic disc Valves: ceramic is a tough material that ensure durability of products created. Kohler utilizes ceramics to improve a faucets lifetime in designing and creating the valves used in their faucets. The valves are thus above standards set by other manufacturers.
  • Temperature memory: temperature memory allows you to revert to an earlier temperature set previously without having to make any adjustments. The high end faucets are manufactured to remember the previous ranges set making your work easier.
  • Swivel and rotating Spouts: the spout designed is created to rotate on a 360 degree angle ensuring its usability irrespective of the position you require it to be used whenever you need it. You can therefore spread the spout to any direction you please.

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  1. Kraus Bathroom faucets

Among the top rated manufacturers of bathroom faucets, Kraus stands at the pinnacle of innovation and excellence to produce great designs with endless quality, durability and uniqueness in design. Styling and excellent craftsmanship go into every faucet created within the firm.

The faucets encompass technologies that include;

  • Residential and Elegance: in designing the faucets, Kraus targets domestic and residential bathroom faucets with a keen sense of durability only seen in Commercial faucets in design.
  • Use of Bronze and steel: to ensure the products have perfect finishes, a blend of both steel and bronze is inculcated in the manufacturing process. The faucets designed with stainless steel are rust proof and can take a beating. The use of the materials is a testament of the skill and cutting edge technology adopted.
  • Lifetime support: to guarantee usability and dependability of the product, Kraus provides lifetime support for all the bathroom faucets. The faucets are designed carefully to ensure you enjoy lifetime usage coupled with great functionality.

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  1. Grohe Bathroom faucets

Innovation and great workmanship goes into the designs by Grohe in the manufacture of bathroom faucets. The firm has over time garnered accolades for its style and usability of the faucets. Specialized design methods are inculcated into the faucet designs. They are currently a leading brand in faucet manufacturing.

The bathroom faucets have been designed to inculcate;

  • Star light and Silk Move: Great look and a lifetime warranty has been guaranteed whenever you purchase the Grohe bathroom faucets. No maintenance is required.
  • Dream spray: Grohe has patented the technology that refines the spray pattern to produce drops of water. The key benefit to the technology is the ability to save more water every time you use the Grohe bathroom faucet saving you utility bills.
  • Grohe whisper: Sound numbing joints and materials to reduce noise have been added to increase the ability to have noiseless flows of water. The materials used are further long lasting and of high quality.
  • Grohe Digital: the digital feature allows you to use the faucet via touch effortlessly. This technology is usable in both bathroom and kitchen faucets by Grohe.
  • Grohe EcoJoy: Technology has been interwoven in the design to ensure that water savings and consumption is taken into consideration to improve one’s carbon footprint. Proper convenience is added to the feature in addition to an attractive design.
  • Grohe Zero: to reduce corrosion, Grohe has patented a unique alloy that is durable, rust proof and dependable. This has improved the durability and resistance to corrosion of the Grohe bathroom faucets.

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  1. Danze bathroom faucets

A great reputation precedes Danze a renowned bathroom faucet manufacturer. Innovation within the company has been placed at the forefront of creating the designs. When compared to the other brands Danze is fairly young as a brand. However the recent establishment does not in any way deter the manufacturing of durable and aesthetic bathroom faucets. Danze bathroom faucets do not compromise on styling, quality, or design.  A careful policy o pricing of the faucets have been adopted to avail affordable but durable bathroom faucets.

Some additional features are detailed hereunder;

  • Tumbled Bronze finish: bronze is the material used for the manufacture of the faucets, the tumbled bronze is durable and corrosion free. Further different combinations give the faucets a great look
  • Designer friendly: Danze bathroom faucets won the 2009 innovation award for the intuitive and designer friendly designs. More consumers have over the period picked on them considerably.
  • Danze Parma Collection: The Parma collection is a reinvention by Danze in faucet design. The Parma design encompasses luxury collections of faucets designed with cutting edge technology.
  • Oppulence line: the line is comprised of five different sets of bathroom faucets with different finishes a first among manufacturers of bathroom faucets.

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  1. Greenspring bathroom faucets

Green spring is one of the most famous manufacturer of bathroom faucets. Key to their success is a wide range of products. The brand name is evident in most homes and commercial places. Based on consistent customer reviews the experience of using Greenspring bathroom faucets is laden with positive acclamations on the superior quality and longevity of use and the ease of installation seen. Greenspring utilizes different finishes, colors and textures for the faucets.

Some notable features include:

  • Brass faucet body: The solid brass build ensures longevity of use underlying premium quality by the manufacturer.
  • Exquisite finishes: materials used include steel and bronze coupled with a chrome finish. This give the faucet a contemporary look that is adjustable to different bathroom styles.
  • Lifetime warranty: Greenspring is offered at a lifetime warranty basis in addition to a 30 day free exchange basis. This has been an expression by the manufacturer of the solid build and quality of the faucets. A service team is further at your service to address any issues that may arise.
  • Drip free Cartridge: to ensure a long life and smooth operation, drip free cartridges have been incorporated into the faucets. This ensures that you consume less and save on those vital utilities

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Among the detailed Faucets the Delta bathroom faucets rank at position 1 as a listed brand in 2017. Delta has a wide range of faucets that have propelled them to the position. However the review above is of an advisory nature as you are the one who decides what to buy. Different people have different tastes and therefore opinions differ and may affect the choice of your bathroom faucet. However at the shower expert we believe that the delta bathroom faucets are better when compared to the other faucets.

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