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Best Drain Cleaner for Grease

Best Drain Cleaner for Grease

Grease in a drain pipe…Not a so palatable idea!

Best Drain Cleaner for Grease

If you are looking for the best drain cleaner for grease, then you are in the right place. Surprisingly, clogged drain due to accumulation of excess grease is one of the most common plumbing problems. Dealing with it can be a frustrating experience. When grease accumulates inside the drain pipe, it blocks the flow of water leading to overflow or slow movement of water. When grease clogs the drain, everything can go awfully bad, the sink can become smelly and messy, and very unhygienic within a short time. Grease is the hardiest and nastiest of drain issues.  But it doesn’t mean you have to call the plumber to clear the drain for you. There are several best drain cleaner for grease that can unclog that drain for you, saving you the pain of paying the plumber. So before you call your plumber, I am going to list a few efficient hacks not only to keep that grease at bay, but also the products that can assist you in clearing that grease.

But before we present the best drain cleaner for grease, let’s first understand the basics of grease, its accumulation, where it comes from and how you can avoid it in the future.

So where does grease originate?

 Everything contains a considerable amount of grease, oil and fats. Many of the foods we take or use including detergents, soaps, egg shells, grinds, butter rise, coffee, food scrapes, dairy products and meat contain fats, oils and grease. During cleaning of utensils or even bathing, the grease flows into the drain pipe, where it accumulates and clogs the drain. Sometimes you won’t even know it is accumulating. Signs of accumulation emerge only when it’s too late and the grease has attached to the drain pipe. Some of these signs include slow water drainage, gurgling sound, and bad smell coming from your drain. Even the soaps we use contain grease, especially fat based soaps, given that most soaps are either made of vegetable oil and animal oil –all of which contain grease which has a potential to clog your drain. The most annoying part is that you won’t even know that there is grease in your drain until one day you have a bad smelling sink or one that is overflowing.

So Where Is Grease Likely To Accumulate?

In most cases, grease will accumulate in pipes that are directly linked to your kitchen sink or bathroom sink. If you often drain hot water into your sink, you will realize that the grease accumulate in the sink trap. It also tends to accumulate at the base of the sink and in the drain pipe. Overtime and as you continue to drain the fats and oils into the sink, the grease will solidify in the drain pipe and harden further. The further you drain the fats, the more the grease accumulates in the drain pipe. Sooner or later, the grease will become bigger and bigger clogging your drain pipe, reducing the water flow and causing either a blocked sink or a busted drain pipe. So when you see signs of grease related clogging, it’s time to select the best drain cleaner for grease, that will not only clear the clogs but also has a long lasting effect. Although there are many best drain cleaners for grease, some are toxic, while others are not effective. So, we have reviewed and created a list of the best drain cleaners for grease based on the reviews of those who have actually used the products and the components of the products.

Best Drain Cleaner for Grease

Option One: Mechanical Drain Cleaners

In a world where there is substantial research on the potential negative effects of chemical drain cleaners, mechanical drain cleaners stand out as the best option. Mechanical drain cleaners are environmental friendly, durable, fast acting, cheap, effective and universally safe. Chemical cleaners, especially those that are classified as heavy duty or industrial grade may be corrosive and require special care to be taken. On the other hand, enzyme based or natural drain cleaners are slow acting and most act on organic material. The wimpy action of such cleaners, show that mechanical drain cleaners are the most effective tools against drain cleaners. Our advice is for you to invest in a mechanical drain cleaner toolkit that will allow you to unclog your drain in case it becomes clogged.

Our Picks for Best Mechanical Drain Cleaners


This is your first defense against clogs in your drain. When choosing a plunger look for those that are bellow shaped and are made from rubber and wood as they do not scratch metal or porcelain surface. There are several plungers that have been proven to be very effective. We recommend the following plungers based on experience and customer reviews

Monument Master Plunger for Sink and Waste Pipe Unblocker

This is one of the best plunger around. Its suction capability is superb, and with high customer reviews, this is your first line of defense against those stubborn clogs. It’s cheap and durable and cheap for such a useful and safe tool.

Silverline Sink Plunger

Best Drain Cleaner for Grease

Another good product made of a large detachable head, with a large bellow with a high suction capability. The large bellow has a large volume which ensures that it can push a large volume of air into your drain pushing those clogs out of the drain. It’s cheap, has a good grip and is more effective than traditional rubber plungers.

Best Practices: After unclogging your Drain with our recommended plunger, pour hot water into the drain pipe to wash off clogs and grease.

Water Powered Devices

Sometimes, clogs, grease or hair in your drain pipe may be too stubborn and the plunger won’t work. We recommend the use of water powered devices as they are safe, reusable and cheap. The following are our recommended products. Water powered devices are particularly effective in cleaning grease clogs for one important reason. Grease is a self-healing stoppage, a rod or other tool may puncture the grease but with time the hole seals again. High pressure water that is delivered by water powered devices will cut of the grease and clogs from the pipe and prevent the sealing up of the grease.

Drain King Unclog Hose Attachment


This is one of the most reliable and proven product in the market. It is attached to the front end of a garden hose and directed into the clogged drain. With this drain cleaner, you can be assured that you will not be exposed to any hazardous waste or chemicals. Furthermore, the product comes in different sizes for different drain pipes, from a 1.5 inches to 6 inches allowing you to clean different drain sizes.  It’s environmental friendly and easy to use as illustrated below in the following video.

Hand Held Drain Augers

These are typically designed to clean a drain within 25 feet of the opening of the drain pipe. The cable in the auger is driven using either the action of the hand or a drill when one rotates the drum that anchors the drain pipe. The advantage of augers is that they have a cable that is thin and long enough to reach far to reach clogs. They are cheap to acquire, readily available and can be used multiple times making them the best choice for people who suffer clogs more often. The only safety considerations you require is to maintain basic hygiene by wearing gloves and eye protection.  Some of the best handheld drain augers include the following:

Thru Drain Auger

With this drain auger you do not have to worry about far to reach clogs in your drain pipe. It can clear clogs that are located up to 25 feet down the drain pipe. It’s easy to use, and its capabilities is well illustrated by many customers who have used the auger. It can clean drain pipes that are between half an inch and 2 inches in diameter, making it a useful tool for cleaning kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks and bathtub sinks. One key advantage is that it can remove even hair clogs.

TR Industrial Drum Auger




This is an industrial grade auger, made out of high strength plastic to ensure it lasts long. You can use it to clean clogged drains, in your home, whether it is your sink or your bathtub, this is a reliable drain cleaner. With 25 feet of long spring cable, this auger will allow you to reach any clogs that are down your drain.

Best Practices:  Do not use augers to clear toilet related clogs, as they are manufactured for sinks and bathtub drain cleaning. It is also good to combine augers with water powered devices for best results.

Second Option: Enzyme Based Drain Cleaners

These drain cleaners are made from bacterial cultures and enzymes that digest organic (food based) clogs such as grease and oils. They help prevent drain pipes from clogging but are not intended for use against fully clogged pipes. The key advantage of these drain cleaners is that they are safe for use, have few negative environmental impacts, are cheap to acquire and are easy to use. However, they are slow acting and cannot open drain pipes that are completely clogged. Our top enzyme based drain cleaners include:

Flo-Kem Drain Opener

Chemical cleaners are some of the most promising answer to grease clogged drains. Chemical based best drain cleaner for grease dissolve grease, fats and oils instantly, and relieve the drain pipe from grease clogs. Some of the best chemical based best drain cleaner include:

With over 250 billion active enzymes, Flo-Kem is your best bet against organic clogs such as food clogs, grease and fat. It has a pleasant odor and is friendly to the environment. It is safe for all septic systems and can clear even hair clogs. This is your best bet against kitchen clogs as they are generally made from food particles.

K19 Main Line Cleaner

This is a multipurpose drain cleaner for septic tanks and drain pipes. It is one of the most widely used products, with proven effectiveness in dealing with organic clogs. So you do not have to worry about paper, grease, fats and food clogs. The price is low and can be used even to clear clogs in low flow toilets. So far, it is the only product that we have reviewed that can be used in toilets, albeit low flow toilets.

Get Serious Grease Drain Opener

This is one of the cheapest and effect products around. Get Serious Grease Opener comes in one gallon and is a multipurpose product. It is not only a grease cleaner, but also, a drain opener, odor controller, trap cleaner and a maintenance product. It is safe on pipes and plumbing and also eliminates any offensive odors that come with clogged drains. Furthermore, it is a commercial drain cleaner with a proven track record.


  1. Natural formulation based on natural enzymes and is therefore safe to the environment and the septic system
  2. Cheap with a proven track record
  3. Eliminates odors associated with blocked drain pipes
  4. Can dissolve hair


  1. slow action as it is enzyme based

Best Practices: for best results, always allow enzyme based drain cleaners to work for the period specified by the manufacturer.

Third Option: Chemical Based Drain Cleaners

Sometimes clogs can be so stubborn that you have to resort to chemical based drain cleaners. If it comes to this, you can use several products that we have reviewed that have a track record for clearing and cleaning, not only grease based clogs, but also hairs and other types of organic clogs. Our top pics for chemical based cleaners are as follows:

Green Gobbler Hair and Grease Clog Remover

This is one of the best grease clog remover. Green Gobbler not only dissolves the grease but also contain a revolutionary chemical that dissolves even hair. The product is safe for all types of pipes, has a high PH and does not corrode the skin. Furthermore, it is denser than water and therefore clings to the walls of the drain pipe, reducing future clogs.


  1. Can dissolve hair, grease, fats and scum, which makes it a multipurpose for all types of clogs.
  2. It is thick and denser than water, which enables it to stick to the walls of the drain pipe dissolving the grease and other types of clogs, and preventing rapid accumulation of grease
  3. Low priced
  4. Biodegradable and its therefore safe for the environment


  1. Corrosive to chrome flanges if not cleaned thoroughly after use

SCOTCH CORPORATION 1969 Hair & Grease Drain Opener, 2 L

This is another amazing product for those smelly, overflowing and clogged drains. Manufactured by the Scotch Corporation in the US, this is another good bet against those irritating grease clogs.  The 2L grease drain opener has been formulated specifically to remove grease and all other types of clogs. So if you drain pipe has been clogged by fats and oils, or even hair, this is your best bet. It contains a special formulation which creates heat that melts the grease, allowing it to flow through the drain pipe. It also dissolves hairs and can therefore be used to clear showers, clogged shower sinks and bathtubs. Furthermore, it is safe for all septic systems and pipes and comes in a 2 liter container.


  1. Special formulation to dissolve grease and hairs
  2. Safe on all septic systems and pipes
  3. Highly rated by consumers
  4. Affordable


  1. Chemical based

Green Gobbler  Drain Opener

This is one of the best multipurpose drain opener products in the market. Not only will this product unclog your drains, but will also work on any form of clogs including hair clogs. You can use it on any type of sink, toilets, lift stations, grease traps, and tubs. It is the best bet for all time of clogs including soap scum, grease, toilet paper, feminine products, and cigarettes buts. With over 98 customer reviews, this product has a proven track record.


  1. Works on all types of clogs
  2. Safe on pipes and septic tanks
  3. Multipurpose product that can be used for sinks, lift stations, septic tanks, and tubs
  4. Proven track record


  1. Not ready to use. You must boil water for it to work


We have reviewed some of the best drain cleaners in the market.  We have found that mechanical drain cleaners are the best as they are safe to use and friendly to the environment. The following products are essential in your home, in case you suffer from clogged drains:

  1. Thru drain auger for hard to reach clogs
  2. Drain King Unclog Hose attachment
  3. High suction plunger such as Monument Master Plunger or Silver line Sink Plunger

How to avoid grease clogged Drains

Now that we have reviewed your best options against clogged drains, it is important to know how you can best avoid the problem of grease clogged drain and the frustrations that come with the problem. When washing dishes or other materials that contain greasy substances, do not flush the greasy substances into the drain. If you are cleaning greasy utensils, first soak them into a grease dissolving cleaner before cleaning them. You should always remember the following:

  1. Grease clogged drains occur when there is a large accumulation of fats, oils and grease in the drain: do not pour grit, grease, fats and oils into the sink.
  2. Always wipe off all utensils that contain grease or fats before cleaning them and dispose of the scrapped material in the garbage can rather than draining them into the sink
  3. Always use soaps that have an anti-grease property. This will prevent accumulation of grease which will ultimately clog your drain. When bathing look for soaps that have anti-scum and anti-grease properties.
  4. Use the recommended products to unclean out your drain once every month. This will prevent grease from accumulating in the drain and therefore protect you from serious clogging.