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It’s no secret that clogged drains can be frustrating. You wake up in the morning and go to your bathroom but a few minutes into bathing, you are ankle deep in murky water. Or you just want to finish cleaning those dishes before you go to work, but the murky water just stares at you. You try to dip your fingers into the water trying to fish out the food bits but in vain. Or you are just pressed and want to use your toilet and to your frustration, the water is not flowing and your business is floating around mocking you.

All these situations can be frustrating. Thankfully, my experience in these very situations have allowed me to learn how to deal with each situation. In this ultimate guide, the best drain cleaners that will assist you in case of such experiences. the following are our best picks for drain cleaners!


Our Picks for Best Mechanical Drain Cleaners

You can never go wrong with mechanical drain cleaners. They are cheap, easy to use, effective, environmental friendly, safe and durable. We recommend you keep these four key drain cleaners, drain augers, plunger, water powered devices, and an air powered devices in your home in case of clogged drain pipes. The following drain cleaners are the most effective for bathroom drains and kitchen drains

ProductLarge Bellow PlungerDrain BlusterWater Powered BlusterDrain Augers
Applications Best for loose clogs that are located just below your sink. Safe for any types of sinks and openings as they do not scratch the surface. Large bellow means that the suction capability of this drain unclogger is perfect for every occasion An air powered device, best for stubborn clogs. Effective against all types of sink clogs, including grease, food and other forms of clogs. Since its hand powered, its reusable and you do not have to refill. When using ensure that the end of the tool is well attached to the drain opening Best for unclogging any clogs down the drain. You just have to attach one end to a horse pipe and other one you place it in the drain pipe or sink opening. The device works by flooding the drain pipe with high pressured water which pushes the clogs out Easy to use, long enough to reach down the drain. Best for hair clogs or punching those greasy clogs. There are multiple types, including powered ones. But for individual homes, we recommend a manual one. However, you can attach a drill to one end to make it powered.
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Our Choice for Best Drain Cleaners

You might be wondering why we recommend mechanical drain cleaners for bathroom and kitchen drains. The key reason is that unlike chemical or enzyme based drain cleaners, mechanical ones are easy to use, they are durable meaning that you can use them for a long time, and they are also environmental friendly.  You do not have to worry about chemical spills in your kitchen or corrosive chemicals that eat away your pipes. If used in the correct manner, mechanical drainers are some of the most effective tools to clear any form of clog. Check below reviews for in depth review of each tool and how it is used.

Master Plunger

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